Since 2015 the no frills/accounts/passwords Crypto Prices Alerts via email/text/twitter

Thank You!

November 2019 After 5 years of running and trying to keep this service updated and free, I decided eventually to close it. It was a nice experiment, but it proved to be too time consuming to work on it with almost no donation in many years. So the service is in the meantime now suspended till I can find a sustainable way of keeping it going on, and the market is anyway now full of ways to get price notifications! ;-) If you are interested in keeping tis website up or continue where I stopped please write me.

In the meantime I'll instead keep working on a more remunerative way of working in crypto that I developed in the last few months, that is AI trade systems I'm using now to trade and balance my portfolio of cryptos.
I believe that the future for a healthy trading is in automation, and that's where I'm heading now. Feel free to contact me and follow me on Twitter where I always try to post updates about my activities.