Asplinux Tradingview Bot/Strategy/Alerts

I started trading in crypto since its infancy and then moved to forex before a few years break, and as a former hacker and systems engineer I've always been fascinated by the possibilities of automation in trading.

Over the years I developed several systems to help trading with automation, including one of the first free price alerts systems called Experience taught me that successful trading is mainly finding a good system and most of all sticking with it: a systematic emotionless approach is the key to good trading long term.

So over several months I developed a new strategy/bot for TradingView, after trying countless available ones and observing they were all falling short in some way, in particular in the most demanding day trading and personalisation required by the different crypto markets.

Asplinux Bot is the result of a long research based on machine learning and automatic charting, it has been extensively tested and offers deep configuration settings to be tailored to different markets and different trading preferences, still trying to be simple enough for the novice. It comes in form of automatic trading strategy and full alerts system for manual trading with it.

The visual approach is minimalist, it offers many indicators but tries to remain simple and direct to focus on a clear price movement view.

It uses a unique mix of indicators (emas, atr, macd, rsi and levels) to find main trend, reversals and ideal top/bottoms entry/exit points. It's configured to be used as a safe automated strategy but it invites the trader to actively trade even more profitably flagging highs/lows and reversal trends.

It offers as well an extensive set of options including stop loss %, take profit %, backtesting with specific date ranges to test it in different markets under different conditions. And obviously is possible to tailor the sensitivity of the whole system in great detail, while a solid RSI top/bottom & trend inversion system helps trading manually more profitable entries and exits.

The screenshot above shows real performance stats of the XBT/USD on Bitmex over 6 months (up to 13th of December 2019) of a bearish market, using daily trading with 1h candles, an initial capital of $100 and playing 100% of it in every trade (yes it's that safe!) leading to 65% net profit.

The remarkable result though is not just in the profit percentage, but mostly in the amount of profitable trades (45%), the average trade profitability of 1.86% per trade of the strategy just left to itself (worst case scenario as it's more profitable if actively trading with it), and the maximum total drawdown on the capital of just under 13% (compared to a whopping 68% total net profit). All this without using any stop loss!

Adding automatic stop losses and take profit is possible to get for example the same profitability with fewer but bigger winning trades and more but very small loosing ones limited to 1% each, for example ideal for high leverage & small capital situations.

Based on my tests (and personal trading with it) this system constantly beats most of the ones available on TradingView (where many show unrealistic profits specifically tailored to achieve those numbers in the example provided and always loosing eventually in real life extensive markets/backtesting). This happens even more when tested in shorter day trading timeframes, where Asplinux Bot is instead very strong.

For more info find me @asplinux on Twitter or Telegram, or email